Ayu Cathay United Baidu held a charity dinner in Beijing
In the evening of May 14, 2011, the first non-public foundation of the national foundation of China (abbreviated as love, Huaxia) ....................................
Baidu works with music association to share copyright gains with musicians.
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Local resources
The raw materials of paraffin and microcrystalline wax in Tristar 80% are purchased locally in Fushun.
As a world factory, China has the advantage of manpower cost which is not available in developed countries. In terms of raw material procurement.
With advanced experimental instruments and excellent technical teams, with customers and research and development as the guidance.
Brand strategy

The brand strategy runs through the supply chain and value chain of the whole product from product design anddevelopment.

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Liaoning Xinxing special wax manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with special wax as the leading and food grade paraffin as a whole set of research and development. D, production, sales and service. Founded in June 2017, it is located in Fushun, Liaoning, a famous petrochemical production base, covering an area of 10365.7 square meters. As a professional supplier of special wax products, the company has advanced production equipment, first-class testing center and excellent management and sales team. New focus on the field of special wax manufacturing, adhering to the concept of sound operation, continuous innovation and open cooperation. We are committed to providing users with quality products and system solutions.

management idea
Fighting, innovating, seeking truth and working together
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